Overwhelmingly stupid

“You see? Come back here in Vietnam with us, it is not bad here, isn’t it?”

I stayed silent a while not to be too rude.“Do you know where the restroom is?”

“Stop kidding me guy, just follow the babe over there.”

I stepped out of the table, neither to avoid to answer what he asked nor to be somehow vulgar but just simply wanted to go to the restroom before he took me to another bar. It was the third one already of the night, wherever we popped in he just took us out saying that whether the bar was too noisy (funny to get to bar at that night time and ask to get out telling it is noisy) or the whisky was not good enough. If ever had we ever enjoyed anything correctly, he just opened new bottles, sipped a few glasses and thrown all of them away. And what fabulous whisky that we drank, just the ones that I saw in duty free shops in airports on my way back to Vietnam.

We have just met this afternoon when one of my friends of this provincial town in the south of Vietnam had that excellent idea to introduce me to some of his friends.

“Go with me amigo, have a drink with this guy. He is a rising star of the town. Been to Hanoi a few months ago and kind of structured to be a central politburo representative at the coming party stuff.”

“What a heck I need to meet him?”

“Shut up, just bear with me.”

We have been then to kind of restaurant under some thatched roof mimicking ridiculously some village style cottages. Drinking a lot of Scotch single malt and VSOP and XO and eating very rare animal meat that I have now all forgotten. All drunk, speaking about from woman to politics.

“Do you think it is that easy doing politics in this country, forget it, people here are now very clever, they will rule you out, they scorn you on the internet, they put you down, they are at the same time stupid and terrible. But most of all they are stupid, overwhelmingly stupid.”

“Oh, no, they could be your father and sister guy.”

“Who cares? They are overwhelmingly stupid and they deserve all that.”

I do always want to go to restroom in whichever bar or restaurant I get to. You find more about the soul of the place, and of a human, when you get nearer to the toilets.

I stood up, followed the beautiful young lady waiting for me there with a small beam light to show me the way amid the out loud music of a luxurious bar here in a remote province south of Vietnam.


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