Lucky you, lucky me

“One more pint?”

“No, thanks, I have to drive.” Reply I “To come here, I have waited for the bus nearly half an hour just to know that there is no service this evening, what a shame.”

“Are you OK, enjoy the night?”

“Very much, yeah just relax with music and, you see, charming girls overthere.”

“You are lucky, I am not that well positioned.”

Yes, I am very lucky, the three young ladies sitting just a few tables opposite to where I sit. One of them is so pleasant to see. Blond, not really, rather marron with deep blue eyes and perfect sensual lipstick. She wears a silky long skirt that swirls with every movement of her body. She touches her hair, smiling. Chatting with her friends, wiping phones, caressing the border of her glass, does she notice anything? She touches her hair again- a little bit more frequenly, smiles distantly and looks away from me.

“It is terrible, isn’t it, the fire in London.”

“Yes, too bad, mothers threw their children out of windows. Too many bad news in this country these days.”

The BBC turns now to Kolh, it is too noisy inside, can only read the running subtile: “Helmut Kohl earned his place in history by securing the successful reunification of Germany after the collapse of communism.” After the collapse of communism, lucky you Germany. Had the reunification been done likewise in Vietnam, we should have been much better off.

The girl overthere seems noticing some thing, apparently next to my table, maybe the painting of chaotic stripes in different colours with a line in the middle “Shall we dance the night away?” that impressed me a little when I entered the bar. Her eyes rest on the painting a while, slide carelessly on mine with an unfathomable smile before going back to her friends, giggling. One of her friends swings the cellphone, taking or showing some photos.

“I have to go now, it’s late, see you next week.” My colleague pushes the chair, stands up.

“OK, so do I.”

I get out of the bar, on the way out trying not to wander my eyes and look straight ahead. Already dark now outside, I take out my phone to check time, 11pm. It is a fresh English summer night still I can feel some hot resting air of the day, people are still gathering and chatting loudly outside. I pace the pavement reluctantly, feeling so sorrowful and lonely leaving a deep beautiful blue sky back in where I have just been to.

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