I did not remember how long we stayed in the bar. But when we got out, it was nearly around 11pm, rather not that late for so much we drunk, possibly because we began early. My friend took me to the thatched roof restaurant at noon just to discover that others had been there waiting for us and drinking. It was Friday; people stopped pretending to work earlier than on the other days.
I felt so empty, not drunk any more, even quite sober, but just empty, nothing in stomach, nothing in my head, nothing any more inside. I stumbled a little when my friend pushed me in the car, quite a big one with soft leather seats. I stretched myself out, yawned heartily when the car roared its way through the silence of the town.
“Tired already? Fancy a trip around the town?” Trung asked. Just at that moment I recognised that he was driving.
“Yeah” I yawned again and replied. My friend was sleeping already.
We turned right to get into the high street of the town. It was a big, dual carriage one with two lanes on each side and a wide separating space in the middle. It seemed to be a recently enlarged road with small trees planted regularly on the pavements. The trees were supported each by three sticks that were joint on the trees and tightened at their ends by a black rubber lace.
On the two sides of the road were big and imposing buildings. They were all new built, and looked strikingly similar, about three to four floors, with huge entrances and tiled roof, in red colour? I could only imagine for it was night and all the buildings were retreat from the road. Vast spaces spotted with trees planted in big tubs separated the building entrances and the gates. All gates underlay boards in red and yellow that I could read whether “The Communist Party Glorious, Long Lasting” or “The People Court Independence Freedom Happiness” or another one, possibly of a police commissariat “Vietnamese Police, Forget Themselves for the Country and its People.” Yeah, couldn’t agree more, they should forget lot of things serving people. Or another gigantesque one “The Party is the Sun, the People is the Sunflower, the People turns to the Party like the Sunflower to the Sun.”
The street lights in this road were surprisingly bright, particularly at this time of the night and the road was so deserted.

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