The whiskey in the morning

“Wake up, darling. Not that early any more, wake up, wake up.”

“Ya, yaa,” I moaned drowsily “What time is it?”

“Six oclock already. You do some exercises with Ken. He got up already.”

“OK, OK.”

I got out of my son’s bed, went to the toilets and begun with all the morning matter. How I did find the way to his room a few hours ago? Did I publish what I wrote to only me and like it? Should be, as usual. On that I am very careful.

“How are you Ken? Slept well?” We named him Ken at home following favourite beer brand.

“OK daddy. But you snored too much.”

“Hum hum. Take it as a training. You may sleep under bombing noise one day. Be ready for war time.”

“Ya ya dad,” Ken accepted reluctantly. He was a little less grumpy than used to be. I was surprised.

“He was very bad last night. Playing with Ipad until very late. I had to keep it away,” My wife said.

“Do you know that you should not do that Ken? I have told you that Ipad is for studying only. You want to spoil your eyes?”

“No more Ipad for him. Studying? He just hangs around with all that bad things on the internet.”

“I’ll put a password and no more Ipad.” I said. Giving password is my speciality.

“It’s also because of you. I have told you many times that there is no use all these things Ipad, internet. He should read books; there are so many books to read.”

“Some searching on the internet may be good for him at this age.” I defended faintly.

Ken slid away to the kitchen to join his mother; I was alone in the living room. I felt a little bit detached, my head empty and my movement was light, as if I was floating. Regaining ourselves after a drinking night is never that easy. One of my techniques is to take a shot of whiskey in the following morning. People told that sometimes a glass of milk could also help. However between milk and whiskey, I preferred naturally the later. Furthermore it was handy; I was just next to it. I opened the glass cabinet discreetly, took a bottle out, found a teacup nearby. Great. The whiskey seemed to fill all the voids inside of me, I shook my head slightly to feel it again and stomped my feet to recuperate my weight. It was much better. I looked at the bottle a while and tried to put it back to the cabinet.

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