“So do you work abroad?” Trung broke the silence.


“It may come across that you manage people. In where you work, do you care about who work for you or do you care more about what your manager thinks of you?”

“It depends.”

“Well, whatever, you needn’t say. In every system, people care more, if not only, what their manager, their boss says and feels. Do they need to care any heck for the people who work for them? No, these people don’t have any say on the promotion of their boss, so why does any boss or ruler need to care for them?”

“Go on.”

“In every system or country, leaders do never care for the people, what they care about is how to gain the power, stay there, and cling to there and not to be kicked out. Viet Nam is just another case.” Trung finished his round and filled the cup.

“No, the biggest difference is that in democratic countries, people can vote and choose the leaders or the party that they prefer. They have a clear say. In those countries, there are more than one parties representing different groups of people and proposing different ways to manage the country. People can kick their leaders or a party out if they don’t like them. Can people seriously do that in this country?”

“You think that there aren’t different voices inside the party? You are wrong. There are a lot. I am struggling every day more with my colleagues and comrades than with those so-called the “people”. If I don’t pay enough attention, my comrades slaughter me, they do it very quickly. We should not have any doubt; we should not show any hesitancy.”

“Thanks for sharing about your comrade. However different you are, you are still in the same party, with the same ideology or way to do things, as let’s say keeping the state economy as the principal one, or the policy face to China, or the consideration of environment in the economy development, cited as just a few. I care less about the democracy in your party, if there is any. What I care about is the democracy for Viet Nam, is that people can choose their leaders, hence the corresponding policy. It is that that help the country going forward.”

“Forward? Give them democracy; they will spoil this country.”

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