You are not alone?

“It’s interesting last night.” Trung spoke. We were now in the cafeteria giving to the plaza. I did not remember how we got here. Two coffees and a bowl of hot noodles did really help me to be awake, but still with a detached and floating feeling. It was bright outside, the eating places in the middle of the plaza were still closed, apparently they were opened only at night. People were going all around to the market, motorcycles were honking noisily.

“Yeah, I did enjoy it.” I replied.

“It’s not what you said. All that I knew. But the way you said that. The way you shared it.”

“Uh huh. Thank you.”

“You just told it out wholeheartedly and with all your belief. Or at least you showed that so well.” Trung looked at me.

“I do really believe in that. We can always choose love and be together.”

“It’s not easy.”

“But it is the only way, the only way to go ahead. We can always be cynical. We can always choose other thing than love and go altogether to hell. Is that what we want to be to?”


“So you choose love, this mirage?” Trong poked in smilingly. He was still eating his bowl.

“Shut up.” Trung spoke.

“Seriously, when we are at the bottom, when we face with fatality, we have to seriously consider hope and love and find a way out together.”

“Good. I like your way. I like you.”

“Thank you. Not only me. My friends can tell you even much more interesting things.”

“You are not alone?” Trung asked.

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