“So don’t you want to have my Facebook? In case you know who messages you.” Trung asked me.

“Yeah, you are right. Of course yes, please, if possible.” I took my phone out and asked for the wifi code from the boy in the cafeteria. During waiting, Trung gave me his phone number and some of his friends. Trong was reading Tuoi Tre.

“Search Hoang Cong Tu, it’s not my name of course. Search someone with the chrysanthemum flower.” Trung told me when I was connected. My phone nearly ran out of battery.

“You don’t put accent. Is Cong Tu a name or is it The Prince?” I asked.

“Whatever. Everything has more than one meaning in this country. All is double. Have you been told that during the difficult years, people use the brick to replace themselves while queuing for food or tickets? We put bricks in every line now.”

Trung stayed silent while I swiped his Facebook then continued. “Do you know why I choose chrysanthemum as avatar?”

“No.” I replied.

“It is because the chrysanthemum flowers do never fall and its leaves never leave.” Trung spoke.

“Uh huh, thank you. I like that. You had better go, it’s late for your meeting.”

“Phone me when you have your phone number. OK?”

“Will do.” I replied.

“Take care. Be careful. Any problem call me.”

“Don’t worry. I am in my country, no?”

“Yes, it’s one of the reasons.”

“OK, go. I will stay here with Trong for a while more. Shall we go around the South together, Trong?”

“It depends on how many meetings I have. You know, meetings and talks, I have quite a lot of them.” Trong spoke and winked at us. We burst into laughter, wholehearted and joyful laughter.

“OK, bye guys.”

“Bye Trung. Have a nice day and meeting.”

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