Thank you everyone for your warm words to me on the occasion that I got my Chartered Engineer

Thank you everyone for your warm words to me on the occasion that I got my Chartered Engineer. I feel the need to share a few quick words as a thank to everybody and some reminders to myself of this achievement, keeping in mind that it is just a humble one that every engineer can get with some work and motivation.
It was such a sweet surprise this morning. In fact I had known that I got the Chartered Engineer nomination a few weeks ago. But the official letter just came to my company and received by my line manager a few days ago. He had kept it as a secret and just given it to me this morning during the company meeting, giving me the chance to be congratulated in front of many colleagues.

What I retain the most of the process to become Chartered is that I was required to write a lot of essays on different aspects of the engineer career, from my professional experiences to my approaches to managing and leading, from my respect of values like integrity to my understanding of sustainable development.

English style is a little bit different to French one. In England we are asked us to write a lot more, particularly about ourselves. Sometime it seems a little bit pompous to write about self. But believe me, you will see that it helps. Writing helps you remind what you have done, helps you value yourself better and respect what you have achieved, however big or small it is. And writing helps you arrange your idea better and spread it out more logically and eloquently.
It is by writing down that it comes again to my mind the time when I arranged the project workforce so that my French colleague in Paris can stay at home with his new born child a few more days. Or on the other occasion I have passed the nights with workers when we poured concrete in Hanoi Viet Nam. Or the way that I led the team to respond to a very urgent demand in Arabia Saudi, by optimizing the production of drawings by colleagues in India.
They are all very common experiences that all engineer can go through. But by writing them down we have more chance to remember and value what we have done. And writing to become Chartered give us that opportunity.

One essay is about the value of integrity, kind of how do you understand this value and engaged yourself to respect it? I remember that I have put down that integrity is not only a value that we should respect because of ourselves (yes we do need to respect integrity for ourselves’ best in and out of soul), but also as a manager, leader, we have the uttermost responsibility to be an example. Put it simply our integrity is not only ours, but it is of the company and the organization that we belong. And the nearer we are to the position of leader, that we will always be one day, the more we need to protect the value of integrity.
Writing these lines I think that I was somehow influenced by my thought on the political situation in Viet Nam. I believe deeply that leaders have to be themselves honest and trustful prior to requesting these values from their lower rank officers. Lead by example is the most efficient way. Unfortunately in Viet Nam officers tend to be corrupted at low level and become even more when they climb up the rank. How can we expect a honest leader once being a leader is a guarantee of dishonesty and corruption. It is somehow a vicious cycle. How to get out?

Big thanks to All and particularly the current and previous helpful colleagues.

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