I will never forget John, one of my first colleagues


I will never forget John, one of my first colleagues when I joined the company. He was the one who welcomed me and introduced me to others.
John is a tall English gentleman with long face and soft voice, somehow and sometimes too soft. He wears often a beret and long coat with high up collar and brings always with him a leather bag. Until now I can also recall his shape going out of the company in the evening, a little bit inclined forward, walking out of the building, following the long narrow road along the hills and under the fine soft English rain.
What I was impressed the most about John was that time when I saw him coming out of the restroom when I happened to enter. There I could hear him speaking to the lady who helped us cleaning the building and who was waiting for us outside of the room so that she could enter and do her job.
I heard John talking to the lady with his soft and distant voice: “Do you know that?”
The lady a little perplexed and answered: “Yes?”
John said: “That you do really do a good job and I would like to thank you for that.”
I will never forget that. I don’t know where John is now. He left the company a few years ago.

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