Hi my dear nephews Cui and Ngao


24 April 2009
Hi my dear nephews Cui and Ngao,
Spring has really arrived in Paris since a few days. The weather is warm and pleasant. Every morning, I and Gau go to the nursery under sunshine and blue sky. Our tram slides smoothly on pasture spotted with flowers in full blossom. In the evening, when I come home from work, day light is still so abundant that we can spend hours strolling by the Seine River bank or playing in the Luxembourg garden.
On my everyday voyages in Paris, I see and hear so many things: people working and playing, buses passing by and trains roaring underground, houses rising up and radio singing song…Normally, I do not care much about these things. I just accept that they are there like leaves on the trees, or water in the river.
Yet, alone on my train back home after a working day, I give more attention to these activities. I occasionally ask myself about the reasons of their existence. And every time I try to answer to these questions, I think about you.
Have you ever, like me, raised simple questions like what keeps the bus run, how you have your meal every evening, or who makes the movie for you to see?
Yes, you have certainly raised these questions and even have had the answers for most of them. You may say that the driver runs the bus every day, that your meal is gotten from your parents’ hard work, and that the movie is made with the contribution of directors, actors and actress.
Is it amazing that everything you have is given by someone with a specific job? Some people are bus drivers while others chose their careers as police officers, for example. Some participate directly in making car while others help selling it. Everyone contribute his part in the society.
Have you ever wondered what keeps these people going to work everyday instead of staying at home watching television?
It seems that there are rules accepted by all, or at least most of them. Who sets these rules? And who cares about applying them or punishing disobediences?
Besides the jobs mentioned above, there are then others relating to these rules. Among them we can cite jobs practiced by lawyer, senator, minister, president…These people do not deal with things; they deal mainly with the relation between people.
Which kind of jobs do you prefer? The choice depends on you and is worth thinking about now.

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