On my way back from jogging every morning I always say hello


On my way back from jogging every morning I always say hello, or sometimes stop to have a chat, to the lady walking her dog, a 15 years old Yorkshire terrier. The lady is more than 70 years old, I can guess.
“He is becoming weaker and weaker these days. You see, he is a ninety years old man now.” the lady told me this morning. The dog was walking slowly nearby, shaking and limping.
“Do you take him out everyday?” I asked but already knew the answer.
“365 days a year. Every season, every weather. It is good for him, and for me also.” The lady replied.
“You put some clothes on him during winter?”
“Yes, a small shirt, but he doesn’t like it much. He is blind now and can hardly hear us. He bumps his head wherever he goes.” The lady told me and tried to make a noise, the dog didn’t move his head. She cried out his name, Max, more and more loudly. The dog turned to her. I could see that there was nothing in his eyes.
“Don’t take him wrong. He sometimes shows his two front teeth and makes some gruh gruh sound. It is when he is smiling. Very lovely. Am I right Max? You smile to the gentleman, please.” The lady spoke to me and turned to speak to Max, urging him to “smile” at me. Max did not answer.
“I have his hair cut every three months. A hairdresser comes to our house and cut his hair.”
I asked her when was the last time she had his hair cut. The lady told me that it was three weeks ago and asked me to wait one or two more months when his hair grow longer that he would look very handsome. She told me that she is worried because sometimes the dog seems not to recognize her anymore.
“I am afraid that he has dementia. Anyway he is ninety. I don’t know how I am when I am ninety.” The lady told me.
I told her that I don’t know how I will become when I am ninety either.
I said goodbye to her to go home to prepare to go to work. After a long working day now I write these lines down.

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