Visit to bac Song Phan on the sidelines of a summit

Visit to bac Song Phan on the sidelines of a summit on the Southeast Asian Sea gathering representatives from both Pacific and North Atlantic.
Bac Song Phan is a leading cartographer and researcher on the Southeast Asian Sea disputes. Bac Song creates quickly and accurately maps with coordinates whenever an incident happens in the sea, shedding light on the disputes and thus helps to resolve it peacefully and with equality, all as needed by Vietnam.
I am always amazed by the determination and devotion to the Vietnam’s cause of people like bac Song who live now abroad.
And more specially when these people live in Australia where they are supposed to miss nothing from Vietnam. Unlike Vietnamese living in Europe or even maybe Northern America with long cold winter and still feeling foreign in the middle of indigenous locals, Vietnamese in Australia live in huge community and can enjoy everything as in Vietnam from papaya to coconut to nuoc mam and seafood (not polluted and dead) and particularly the hot weather with nice blue sky many months around.
Could it be explained by a great attachment to souvenirs and an inherent quality of Vietnamese abroad that we call patriotic?
That said, this patriotic is not unconditional and forever lasting. It depends also on how the incumbent Vietnamese government treat the contributions and listen to the suggestions from people like bac Song. If the government continue to neglect the advice and oppress their own people as actually, more and more people will flee the country to find a better place to live. The very simple rule is that if they can’t vote by ballots, they will vote by leg, and Australia would be one of the best choices.

The big problem of Vietnam is that the government members are among the first to flee the country to establish in Australia!

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