OK let’s put it straight. On the train back after meeting


OK let’s put it straight. On the train back after meeting with someone migrated to Australia from both North and South of Vietnam.
Countries are like companies. They try to get hold of the best people. The better the people the stronger the country and the happier their people are.
Australia is not an exemption. This country tries its best to get the best of the people from many countries, including Vietnam. Not everyone from Vietnam can be Me Nam, Dieu Cay or Nguyen Van Dai or the likes, who struggled for freedom of expression and of the country, jailed by the government and exiled abroad because of their good deed for the country. But a lot of them can be the most intelligent from the Center, the most evil from the North, the most corrupted from the South, the richest, the cleverest, the strongest, the highest of the profile, the most famous, and the no one ever knows who.
Of course the easiest to see problem of this is the drain of brain (or matière grise that I don’t know whether it is called the same thing in English) and money. People with their best competences and money will flee the original country for the betterness of the countries of destination.
Short-term Vietnamese politicians would always say that Vietnam can benefit from the money sent back home by the people living abroad. However, speaking money alone, do they ever think about the money taken out by various means?
And the argument that these people will one day come back to serve the country is another non realistic idea. Who ever would like to come back to Vietnam without preparing a way to get out of the country asap? Or without a plan to get advantage the most of their stay oversea to exploit more Vietnam, for example by participation in various projects contributing even more to the decadence of the country?
I myself will be back when we have freedom of politics and we can create a political party, however small it is.
The drain of brain or money is not the worst of things. The worst is that the mass of the people who are still living and working in Vietnam but thinking, managing, plotting everyday to flee it. How can you devote to a country thinking all days about ways to get out of it and have no confidence in it?
What can we do to recreate in Vietnamese the confidence in the country of Vietnam?

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