Knock – knock on our front door

Knock – knock on our front door. “Don’t open it, let me open it” I shouted and rushed down the stairs and opened the door.
“Hello, don’t want to disturb you but would like just to thank you for your help last time.” In front of our house stood the our neighbour lady. We had helped her a few days ago to open the door of her house, more exactly it is the house living her 87 years old mother who got stuck inside. The poor old lady had locked the door from interior and slipped and fallen down on the floor of the bathroom. Luckily her daughter, who was now over sixty I guessed, had came to visit her at the right time and ran to our house to call for help. At that moment I had just also flew all the way back from Australia and had not even entered my house. We had managed afterwards to break the key chain of the door, using a lot of our tools and kits and screws and hammer. The ambulance had arrived just a bit later.
“Oh, don’t worry. How is your mother?” I replied and asked.
“She is better now. Broken two bones in her arm and bumped her head to the bath. A few days in hospital but much better now. Luckily that you were there and helped.” She replied and handed me a box of Lindt chocolate and a Thank you card. It is a very English culture to offer small gift as a thank for help.
“You should not. Good that your mother is OK.” I told her.
“Yeah, old age you see. I live with her now. It is not safe to leave her alone.”
“You are a very good and happy child to your mother. Much more than me.” I told her.
“Thank you. You see. My sister lives also nearby, but she does never come to see her mother since 20 years.” She told me.
“So bad, isn’t it. Would you like to come in and have a tea?” I asked her.
“No, thank you. I have to come back home now. Should not let her alone for long.” She replied and waved goodbye to me and rushed back to her mother’s house on the other side of the road.
It was rainy outside, a fine good and steady rain. It was always rainy in this country these days of the year. Not that sunny sky of Sydney any more.

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