“I, I hate all that social network and Instagram. If I ever there were none of them, my kid would not behave likewise!”


“I, I hate all that social network and Instagram. If I ever there were none of them, my kid would not behave likewise!”

I keep silent but I can understand and share his frustration.

Social network, specially Instagram, creates an unreal world particularly harmful for children. For a growing up girl or boy at the age of 13 or 14, sticking to a phone is unfortunately becoming a norm these days. What they post and see 24 hours a day seven days a week!? How many hours, no: more exactly should be minutes, that your children listen to you? And even when they listen how can you assure that they do really listen, not just hearing and thinking of something else between their two posts or reflecting on some photos of their friends or preparing fingers for some instant messages that they will tap so vigorously a few seconds later on their “smart” phone?

I have read a few months ago some serious journals criticizing Kim Kardashian for a post praising extreme fasting to make girls and boys look slim. I was asking myself what the heck these journals need to care about a post by that woman called Kim.

I can see the reason now. Children follow, like, admire, listen to, be influenced by those celebrities much more than by any one else. And they make group in Instagram or the likes to share these obsessions. No more teachers, much less parents, can interfere in these worlds full of silly, stupid, self harming ideas. It is dangerous. Think about it again. I say it again and again, it is very dangerous. In this respect, these social network platform are very harmful! It is not easy to prevent children against the invasion of these scourges but I can say that it is much more difficult to correct when the harm was done.

The development of IT and social network put parents under huge difficulty bringing up their children. No one is ready for this yet because it is all new, just appearing less than 10 years ago.

To some extent social network is not that good either for adults. Are we sure not enslaved by the image that we give to ourselves on social network. Are we letting this virtual life dictate your real one?

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